Commitment to Businesses

Colorado Green Business Network is administered by NOCOBiz Connect in Northern Colorado, in partnership with the City of Fort Collins, Monarca Group, the State of Colorado, and many regional businesses and organizations. Our local team of specialists provide bilingual support, technical assistance, and programming that is uniquely tailored to Northern Colorado in partnership with the statewide Colorado Green Business Network, who provides statewide recognition, as well as additional workshops and events.

ClimateWise (1999-2020) was the areas previous sustainable business program. The program had many successes, leading to remarkable savings and a strengthened culture of sustainability among businesses. When the program ended, a tremendous opportunity to create a more inclusive, holistic approach to sustainable business programing emerged.

This completely free, fully bilingual sustainability program focuses on comprehensive support for businesses and has a diversity of stakeholders participating in its governance. The program prioritizes inclusivity, grounding its outreach strategy in Targeted Universalism and human-centered design principles.

NOCOBiz Connect is dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives and fostering positive environmental and socio-economic practices in our business community.


Our Partners

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The NOCOBiz Connect Program Advisory Committee comprises a dynamic blend of businesses and key stakeholders strategically positioned as partners to shape the evolution of the program. With a focus on fostering collaboration, the committee actively influences outreach initiatives, proposes compelling events, and addresses the distinctive needs and challenges encountered by businesses dedicated to sustainable practices in northern Colorado. Distinguished members of the committee include:

Our Team

Photo of Berenice Garcia Tellez
Berenice Garcia Tellez
Co-Founder & President
Monarca Group
Photo of José Luis Ramos
José Luis Ramos
Co-Founder & Vice-President
Monarca Group
Photo of Jelitza Garcia
Jelitza Garcia
Business Engagement Specialist
Monarca Group
Photo of Montserrat Mendoza
Montserrat Mendoza
Business Engagement Specialist
Monarca Group
Photo of Lorraine Hynds
Lorraine D Hynds
Business Engagement Specialist
Monarca Group